You can’t keep a good guy down! After six years of setbacks abetted by our federal government putting every obstacle in our way, my favourite city and province is getting its mojo back. Calgary is shrugging off the perennial naysayers on the left and surging forward with plans and jobs. I shop in The Core at least once a month, and throughout the downturn, then pandemic lockdowns, I wept — empty streets and closed shops with the homeless and me wandering the wide open spaces. As westerners, we love wide open spaces, but not in the heart of the city.  Now, the buzz of optimism and entrepreneurship greets me on my shopping trips to The Core, and the bustle of customers has everyone smiling. It’s a joy to read about the plans to rejuvenate the downtown and reimagine the west end. We’ve done a grand job of East Calgary, and I know we can do a grand — but different — job of West Village. Yahoo! Read More