Calling all cooking competition fanatics! There’s a new HBO Max competition series centred around brunch, and it’s hosted by none other than Toronto-born Emmy winner and actor, Dan Levy

The Schitt’s Creek co-creator is joined by judges Sohla El-Waylly and Will Guidara to celebrate 10 chefs who are changing their communities on the show, titled The Big Brunch

The eight-episode first season sees the chefs compete against each other for a cash prize of $300,000. 

Levy attended high school in Toronto and later pursued film production at York University and Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University). 

Although still in its first season, the cooking show has already accumulated a sizeable fan base, with lots of viewers claiming the series has officially become their comfort show. 

Others claim that the cooking competition proves that reality TV can be non-toxic, inclusive, and full of friendship. 

Another person said it was refreshing to see The Big Brunch normalize men openly and honestly expressing emotion on TV.

One viewer simply couldn’t get enough of the show, and even claimed they’re already rewatching the first few episodes. 

The final two episodes of the beloved The Big Brunch premiere on Nov. 24. For Canadian viewers, you can stream the HBO Max series on Crave.