It’s not a great week to be a Toronto Maple Leafs player, as just two days after another crushing early postseason exit, star forward Mitch Marner has reportedly been robbed and had his car stolen at gunpoint.

The Toronto Police reported that a man was robbed of his black Range Rover at 7:46 p.m. on Monday evening outside the Cineplex theatre at The Queensway and Islington Avenue by three suspects with handguns and a knife.

Shortly after the incident was tweeted by police, the Toronto Sun reported that, according to a source, Marner was going to see a movie with a friend when the group “approached the car wearing masks and said they wanted the vehicle,” with Marner reportedly telling them to just “go ahead and take it.”

The source told the Sun that while the suspects were brandishing handguns, they were never pointed at the heads of Marner or his friend.

In fact, the suspects apparently didn’t even know they were robbing an NHL star who was already having a pretty rough week, and were only interested in the car.

The situation has many cracking jokes about Marner’s unfortunate 48-hour stretch, but considering the severity of the crime and the mental health impacts victims can experience, many commenters aren’t having it.

And while a few are rightly concerned about the star forward after the carjacking and police have stated that the incident left Marner shaken, a source told the Sun that “He’s doing alright.”

It may not have been a targeted crime, but it’s starting to feel like these carjacking incidents have grown more widespread in the Greater Toronto Area.

There was another recent carjacking attempt in this same area, and there has also been a recent series of brazen daylight thefts in York Region targeting luxury cars.