It is appalling to read the angry, factless rant by Mr. Iain Foulds in his Monday letter (Featherbedding). As a former director of the United Way, I can say the provincial government as well as hundreds of Alberta business of all sizes receive numerous requests for financial help from hundreds of charitable organizations. In my many 40 years of dealing with fundraising, our committees have rarely met any organization that is not needy but all contributors set out criteria in order to accept donations or other support. Foulds has injected angry politics into the need for help and that is very sad. Premier Kenney has decided to leave his position based on a democratic vote and is continuing a pro-temp position until the new leader is duly elected, all according to acceptable government rules, long part of Canada’s and British rules of order. Based on all the Sun’s good reporting columns, here is a brief summary of financial matters under the premier’s control and the somewhat additional funds from energy transfers to the Alberta Treasury. (Ottawa also received a total of over $7 billion over our energy surplus.) Kenney balanced the Alberta finances, first province to do so. He transferred $2 billion into the Heritage Savings Trust Fund. Indigenous requests from land title transfers, artifact returns, a variety of corporate shares and control of energy pipelines, etc., all needed Alberta assent, as well as assistance to the Indigenous truth and reconciliation process required some provincial help, all given freely to assist this very vital help to all of Alberta Indigenous peoples that is now an ongoing program. Many of us worked on Aboriginal employment. Financial help was given to address our sad record of overdose deaths in this province. Although our numbers of deaths are much less than B.C., that is not to be considered as anything positive at all. Over next five years over $65 million will be spent on a variety of programs to save our youth. Homeless people and their families are growing in all provinces. Both provincial and federal money has been shared with all levels of government. Mental health is dovetailed alongside police needs, as these two tragedies need professional assistance. Getting homes, however modest, really helps and Kenney had attended several meetings (I attended one). We have hundreds of caring people in Alberta who just need financial assistance in a variety of programs but measuring the benefits may take three years or so. Cities of Edmonton and Calgary are both recipients of this financial support. May I suggest to Mr. Foulds that instead of trashing the Alberta government (which he does often) that his efforts be directed to the needy. We are really fortunate that Alberta has thousands of very caring and passionate people who help the homeless and drug addicted, most who never get any accolades, and that includes hospitals, police, paramedics, firefighters, and mental health experts, as well as great corporate support. God bless them all. We are all God’s children. Read More