As lovely as it would be, all glowing and cosy in theory, some things will never be eliminated. Homelessness and bullying are two that come to mind. You just can’t fix all the problems and excuses people choose to use as a reason to be homeless. There are too many, from addictions, to defiance to circumstantial. When it comes to bullying, it can be a matter of interpretation. I am not talking about the brutal, abusive physical abuse, that is clearly horrific and I wish it could be a thing of the past, but wishing doesn’t make it so. The teasing and calling of names and petty annoyances can hurt feelings, but, sadly the young people partaking in such juvenile behaviour are indeed, juveniles and many grow out of it. Council wanting to end homelessness is a pipe dream. Focus on doable projects and keep our taxes down. Help the homeless, sure, but if they want to remain homeless, what can we do about that? Read More