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LETTER: Getting through the campaign rhetoric

So, here we go again. Another month or so of competition to see who can put up the most signs and placards. Along with this, we will undoubtedly hear the usual buzz words and phrases on how each candidate wants to make Saanich better with attention to the homeless, lack of affordable housing, taxes etc.

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Saturday’s letters: East Jasper Avenue needs a makeover

Plain and simple, Jasper Avenue from 103 Street eastward is a disgraceful and filthy eyesore. Complete with abandoned buildings, disgusting sidewalks, decrepit billboard kiosks, a centre median that is in disrepair, homeless folks, and dead trees. Has Mayor Sohi or O-day’min Ward Councillor Anne Stevenson walked through this area anytime recently? Read More

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‘Why aren’t we talking about it?’ The forgotten cause of missing Indigenous men and boys

ENOCH CREE NATION, Alta.—There is no word for goodbye in Cree.Instead people say êkosi mâka, or “That’s it for now.” The belief is that loved ones will always find each other, even if it’s in the spirit world. It’s a thought that brings Joanne Sharphead-Arcand some comfort as she walks through a sprawling farmer’s field on the Enoch Cree Nation,

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Canada: 1-833-456-4566 (24/7)
USA: 1-800-273-8255 (24/7)

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