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Jason Kenney is going but the controversy over his opioid policies will linger

EDMONTON—It was a signature Jason Kenney moment — standing on top of a building in Edmonton’s Ice District, the outgoing premier announced $124 million to help get more people into addiction treatment.The announcement, one of his last as leader, was mostly uplifting. But it didn’t take long for combative Kenney to emerge. A reporter questioned how he would respond to

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Meet Danielle Smith, Alberta’s constitution-thumping premier with an infamous past

CALGARY—Danielle Smith is a traitor. A saviour. A libertarian. Socially progressive. Dangerous.What she’s called depends on who you talk to in this province, but United Conservative Party members said their piece on Thursday, wrapping up their leadership race, so add “premier of Alberta” to that list. (She will officially take that title when she gets sworn in.)This isn’t her first

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"The mortality rate due to suicide among men is four times the rate among women."

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